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Unleash your inner hacker in Adelaide

By Brett Pilgrim

When you think of excitement, you don't normally picture people sitting at a computer, tapping furiously away at the keyboard. It wasn't too long ago, in fact, that anyone that knew their way around a computer was socially shunned. 

How times have changed. The Unleashed open data competition due to be held this 11-13 July not only seeks to gather scattered computer experts in Adelaide, but it promises to be quite an exciting event for anyone with real estate in Adelaide.

Unleashed is an annual open data competition, part of the wider national GovHack competition running all across the country. It gathers together graphic designers, coders, web and application developers, journalists and open data and visualisation experts over a single weekend to compete by creating new apps, data visualisations and more using the latest data released by the government. 

Just be aware that if you want to join in, you're going to need to bring your own laptop. 

Teams made up of individuals with diverse knowledge and skills with work together over the 48 hours to submit a concept. If they're successful, there's a range of prizes on offer. 

But winning the prizes isn't really the point. The real value in the event comes from coming together, connecting with peers and getting the chance to exchange knowledge and ideas with those who produce the data. 

Obviously, all this work is going to make anyone a mite peckish. That's why free food is being provided at the menu, to keep those brains working hard and fast. 

What's the point of it all, you might ask? 

"Unleashed is about finding new ways to do great things and encouraging open government and open data," says the event's official website – a way of coming up with new ideas to get the enormous amount of data in today's world over to citizens. 

Any enterprising programmers who happen to reside in property in Adelaide ought to think about registering.

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