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Keeping Adelaide Clean and Green

By Brett Pilgrim

One of the many reasons Adelaide is a desirable place to live is its extensive natural landscape. As the city attempts to protect the environment there are a number of ways the council and residents of property in Adelaide can use their green thumbs to help out.

A well maintained environment can help reduce carbon emissions and  help ensure Adelaide remains a naturally beautiful and attractive place to live well into the future.

Community gardens

Community gardens are a project run by the Adelaide City Council in order to encourage everyone to get involved with the process of planting and maintaining a public space.

There are a number of community plots scattered around the city that anyone living in the area can get involved with.

These gardens help to encourage leading a healthier lifestyle, promote environmentally friendly practices and make Adelaide a better place to live.

Private gardens

Residents of real estate in Adelaide might not realise that even little steps in their own gardens can assist with making Adelaide green.

This might mean planting an array of Australia’s native plants or growing a rooftop garden on apartment buildings.

Planting a vegetable garden, installing a compost bin, using water carefully and staying away from nasty chemicals will all contribute to helping protect the whole of Adelaide’s backyard.

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