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How Australians have become the wealthiest people in the world

By Brett Pilgrim

Australians that have invested in property have realised a net wealth per adult higher than most in the world. According to the latest figures released by Swiss financial services holding company, Credit Suisse, Australians have the second highest net wealth per adult in the world, behind only the Swiss themselves.

When it comes to income that is equally spread across a nation, better represented by the median wealth per adult, Australia ranked as the richest country in the world. This is not only an achievement in wealth creation, but an indicator of sustainable and well apportioned growth.

How would a rental property in Adelaide increase your wealth?

The burgeoning Australian residential property market can be credited with keeping Australia's wealth per person as high as it is. The average Australian adult's wealth is largely tied to real assets, which for most people translates to property. This averages out at 60 per cent of gross assets.

While owning one's property outright is an admirable and long-held aspiration for most people, from a wealth-creation aspect it seems that leveraging off of a current home to fund the purchase of an investment property will ultimately result in larger equity gains in the long run.

Increasing equity in your Adelaide home or rental investment property may mean it is time to refinance and reinvest to make sure you are creating the maximum amount of wealth gain possible for your investment portfolio.

With increasing attention in the media being paid to the role of residential investment in the growth of the property market and the escalation of prices, it is important to note the positive effects of both domestic and foreign investment.

Residential property investment serves to increase the housing stock available by encouraging new building, which ultimately has a downward pressure on prices. As the Reserve Bank of Australia noted in their submission to the Standing Committee on Economics, the issue of affordability comes from supply-side issues.

Increased investment also leads to a greater rate of employment in the construction and property sectors, which are two of Australia's biggest employers.

An investment in property in Adelaide is not just a personal wealth-creation move, but is an investment in the country's economy.

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